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American Power Products including TorquePower and EDGE products

American Power Products

American Power Products is focused on developing technology and innovation in the manufacturing of battery operated outdoor equipment and is based in Denver, North Carolina.  Blystone & Donaldson made it’s investment in Group 6 Holdings, Inc., the corporate parent of American Power Products in fall of 2018.  

American Power Products, includes TorquePower and EDGE products, which are high quality, light weight, powerful, durable and environmentally friendly.



Infobelt provides information archiving, data governance and compliance solutions with superior functionality and at a lower cost than any other offering on the market today.  Their turnkey solution is designed to ingest both structured and unstructured content from a variety of data source types. With the capability to archive, impose customized governance policies, audit system activity, and defensibly destroy expired data, its platform is designed to help control legal risk and manage data storage costs.

Infobelt is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.  Blystone & Donaldson invested in Infobelt in January 2019.